sound file composition (1981) Samson Box Synthesizer Download/Listen solera.wav solera.mp3   Program notes Solera (1981) I developed an ensemble of … Read More


piano trio + computer-generated stereo track (1987) Score Semar Recording CRC 2091 Centaur Records soprano solo, DVD with conductor + stereo track Program … Read More

Vanishing Point

  soundfile composition (1989) Vanishing Point is made of sampled, altered percussion sounds. It stretches the possibilities of what a … Read More

Free Motion

Improve solo for any combination of instruments + computer-generated accompaniment (1990) Download the soundfiles and have at it. Download/Listen fm.wav … Read More

Push Pull

celletto with real-time processing (1995) celletto solo, processing with NeXT computer (remember those?)   Program Notes excerpt from article by … Read More


  soundfile composition (1999) Roughly 99% pure synthesis, Transect exists in a realm of computerized chamber music. Download/Listen transect.wav transect.mp3 … Read More


interactive music from network pings (2001) online docs at the  Walker Art Ctr. Crossfade Site (scroll their selector all the way … Read More

Carbon Path

celletto + video (2002) celletto solo, with video + computer-generated stereo track Movie video + computer sound for performance (preview … Read More

Oxygen Flute

interactive music from CO2 readings (2002) first exhibition at the  San Jose Museum of Art various galleries 2002 – 2003 … Read More


Animation with Music (2003)   Program notes Organum (2003) computer animation and music Greg Niemeyer, Chris Chafe, Christine Liu and … Read More

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