Free Motion


Improve solo for any combination of instruments + computer-generated accompaniment


Download the soundfiles and have at it.

Program notes

Free Motion: celletto with pre-recorded computer accompaniment (1990)

Mesh 4:31

Rubbing 3:58

Capture & Release 4:08

Free Motion is a duo between a freely improvising soloist and a tape composed with sampled sounds. The movements explore the phenomenon of friction which was on our minds at CCRMA during the period in various ways, from bowed string research to practical lessons in plate tectonics (the quake of ’89).

The work is similar in its sound materials to a previously composed tape work, Vanishing Point, but it differs in its construction. The earlier piece was composed while improvising with chaos algorithms. The phrases created this way were very active, but difficult to extend as background accompaniment as was needed for the current work. Starting with the same phrases generated in the chaos world, loops and reiterative methods were applied to make them persist or at least, sit still a little better.

Free Motion has been performed by numerous different instrumentalists, most often string players. The only instruction is to “learn” the accompaniment.

bow arm tracking: Buchla Lightning

digital signal processing: Korg Wavestation

computer accompaniment: (see Vanishing Point)

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