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Stanford Symphony Orchestra Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (27-May, 2021)

demo links page (1-Apr, 2021)

JackTrip Foundation events page (Mar, 2021)

Stanford Orchestras: Winter Quarter Concerts (Mar, 2021)
Stanford Philharmonia video / concert program
Stanford Symphony Orchestra (winds + brass) video / concert program
Stanford Symphony Orchestra (strings) video / concert program

Peace on Earth: Full Concert video (Dec, 2020)

Ragazzi – Beyond the Stars video (Dec, 2020)

Demo Reel video (Dec, 2020)

Concert Band in-person video (Nov, 2020)

NPR article (Nov, 2020)
featuring Dan Tepfer, Christian McBride video

JackTrip Foundation home page (Oct, 2020)

Stanford Report article (Sep, 2020)

MediaX video (July, 2020)

Kronos Quartet video (July, 2020)

NPR video (July, 2020)

Internet Ensemble Tech Force   meeting notes and videos (March – June, 2020)

Stanford Report interview

(referenced in  NYT opinion piece on future of college)

 Research project with Politecnico di Torino  pdf article (La Repubbilca)
Amazing Grace with Cristina Rottondi  from (Italy / California)

video (Corriere della Serra, pay-walled)

video (Politecnico di Torino)