Another Time

Another Time (video) 11:00

discussion with Satinder Gill and Chryssie Nanou (video) 33:30

featuring Quarantine Session Performers

March, 2020 through July, 2021

Chris Chafe


A series of weekly international concerts has been held online during the pandemic and is still continuing as of this writing. The piece being presented is a thank you to all the musicians who’ve participated and indulges their permission to appear yet Another Time. The Quarantine Sessions take place over uncompressed audio circuits and have been a source of musical connection that’s keeping things alive and thriving for the participants. This work is a retrospective collage of the months from March, 2020 to July, 2021, and has been partly produced in the automated style of The Metered Tide. It serves up memories of extraordinary times and celebrates the series as a “people fest” which has been in stark contrast to the isolation experienced during the lockdowns. Acknowledgements which are due are far too many to list here, but  organizing of guests, real-time mastering, streaming, soundstage and video production are contributions by core colleagues Constantin Basica, Henrik von Coler, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Juan Parra and Klaus Scheuermann.


In order of appearance visually (with instruments or with graphics contributions), the artists are:
Juan Parra
Simona Fitcal
John Granzow
Stephanie Sherriff
Constantin Basica
Chris Chafe
Henrik von Coler
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
Jonathan Impett
Jean P’ark
Julie Zhu
Michiko Theurer
Alex Chechile
Emily Graber
Scott Oshiro
Klaus Scheuermann
Hans Kretz
Sarah Weaver
Nicola Hein
Barbara Nerness
Paul Phillips
Per Anders Nilsson
Franziska Schroeder
Leonid Kuzmenko
Donald Swearingen
Pamela Z
Noah Berrie
Michele Cheng
Hassan Estakhrian
Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong
Cecilia Wu
Mark Applebaum
Eoin Callery
Jonas Jurkūnas
Mantautas Krukauskas
Christopher Burns
Brad Robin
Ann Stimson
Marc Ainger
Lisa Mezzacappa
Nick Virzi
Steven Kemper
Gregory Niemeyer