The Metered Tide

The Metered Tide (video)

Summer, 2019

Greg Niemeyer suggests a location test for a sonification music video, The site is Crissy Field, Golden Gate National Recreation Area at the upper tip of San Francisco next door to the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. The data set is 100 years of tidal records acquired by the gauge on the shore adjacent to where we record. Greg brings video / audio crew, I bring celletto, mobile phone and earbuds. We make 7 takes and depart.

I then flew to British Columbia laptop in lap and worried “how will I ever do the post-production” of this completely fun but quick session while going onward with other projects. A”light bulb” idea happened on the plane (as sometimes does at altitude). I wrote a script while seat belted in place in which the audio mix is made automatically and follows the original tidal data. I sent the edit decision list to Greg and his video edits followed suit.

Here’s the same video with the sonification signal I was improvising with.

A presentation of the project to a workshop on Sound as Ocean Memory explained the making of The Metered Tide music in a 10 minute video clip.

Fall, 2021

The Metered Tide was awarded a prize in the Coastal Futures Electroacoustic Music Competition. Greg and Chris took part in the Coastal Futures Festival and created a new version in collaboration with the EcoSono Ensemble. The original algorithmic montage produced a new rendering with 7 musicians.