JackTrip demo reel

Demo Reel (video)

(13 min)

nine 90 sec. excerpts

(2020) Quarantine Session #30
full 1 hour video https://vimeo.com/485000883
Per Anders Nilsson, SE, sax
Juan Parra, BE, e. guitar
Henrik von Coler, DE, electronics
Klaus Scheuermann, DE, electronics
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, CA, electronics
Constantin Basica, CA, keyboards
Chris Chafe, CA, e. cello

(2020) “Plucking the Internet” like a guitar string
explanation (2006) https://acoustics.org/pressroom/httpdocs/154th/chafe.html
Chris Chafe, Music 153b course lecture, Spring term 2019-20
JackTrip linux PC and linux server

(2003) combo 4000 km California (CCRMA, Stanford U.) and Quebec (McGill U., Montreal)
audio over StreamBD, JackTrip predecessor

(2004) triple connection California (CCRMA, Stanford), Montana (U. Montana, Missoula) and British Columbia (U. Victoria, Victoria)
JackTrip was named for this performance.
The new software connected three sites with a method that used Jack,
the Jack Audio Connection Kt https://jackaudio.org/
JackTrip running on three linux PC’s
Gabe Davis, CA, e. bass
Charles Nichols, e. violin
Ajay Kapur, tablas, sitar

(2009) big band 3000 km Alberta (Banff Centre) and Ontario (Humber College, Toronto)
The Thing, Don Cherry
full recording https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~cc/153resources/historicalRecordings/2009-TheThing.wav
JackTrip on two linux PC’s, 16 channels each direction

(2020) Beethoven Septet with musicians of the Stanford Symphony Orchestra
8 JackStreamer Raspberry Pi’s, JackTrip and OBS linux PC and
CCRMA linux jacktrip hub server

(2020) Dan Tepfer, Christian McBride duo Manhattan
full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmAJNmUb0Ig
Dan Tepfer, piano
Christian McBride, bass

(2020) Palestrina’s Lamentations with improv, Munich (LMU) and California (home studio)
full video https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~cc/153resources/ntm2020/mp4/palestrina.mp4
Chris Chafe, dilruba
linux jacktrip hub server Turin, linux PC’s

(2020) DJ’s A2 & Zee, Chase Bankz
full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En6bXEJnTdc&t=4711s