Quarantine Sessions

Quarantine Sessions during COVID-19 [early — the first 31 concerts] Sundays@1pm (Pacific) | Livestream: ccrma.stanford.edu/live (California / Germany / Belgium / Ireland / … Read More


youtube of piece from installation in CCD interview with Niemeyer and Chafe, CCD stereo version (21 min)  

The Metered Tide

The Metered Tide (video) Summer, 2019 Greg Niemeyer suggests a location test for a sonification music video, The site is … Read More

Polar Tide

Polartide  (carillon version) video of 26 Oct 2014 performance, Stanford Tiffany Ng, carilloneur w/ Greg Niemeyer   (installation version) w/ Greg … Read More

Brain Stethoscope

Stanford News: Stanford scientists build a ‘brain stethoscope’ to turn seizures into music Science Friday: Listening In on Seizures Discover Magazine: Hearing … Read More

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