The Metered Tide

The Metered Tide (video) Summer, 2019 Greg Niemeyer suggests a location test for a sonification music video, The site is … Read More

Push Pull

celletto with real-time processing (1995) celletto solo, processing with NeXT computer (remember those?)   Program Notes excerpt from article by … Read More

Carbon Path

celletto + video (2002) celletto solo, with video + computer-generated stereo track Movie video + computer sound for performance (preview … Read More


for Max Mathews (2007) A piece for  Celletto  composed after the installation piece  Tomato Quintet using data collected during the show. … Read More


concert remix (2007) from E=m2c concert (2006) Roberto Morales (flutes, piano, laptop), Roscoe Mitchell (saxophones, percussion), Chris Chafe (celletto) Program notes … Read More


for network ensemble (2008) A piece for multi-site improvising musicians. Program notes Telematic Performance Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 8:00 pm … Read More