Jacktrip loopback server

I’m running a jacktrip “loopback server” which was originally coded up to  gather data on network quality.

It turns out to be pretty useful for testing jacktrip installations.

When you connect with the ‘-C’ option ( big ‘C’ ) to the server it will loopback your audio so you can hear yourself bounce off Stanford, California.

Jacktrip Installation info >> here <<

use jacktrip v1.2


48kHz / 1024 FPP 

jacktrip -C jackloop1024.stanford.edu

(note the big ‘C’ which runs the correct client for this)

48kHz / 512 FPP 

jacktrip -C jackloop512.stanford.edu

48kHz / 256 FPP 

jacktrip -C jackloop256.stanford.edu

48kHz / 128 FPP 

jacktrip -C jackloop128.stanford.edu

48kHz / 64 FPP 

jacktrip -C jackloop64.stanford.edu

48kHz / 32 FPP 

jacktrip -C jackloop32.stanford.edu

if you get
Received Connection from Peer!
then you’re good and you should hear your own stereo audio echoing back to you.

There may be a recording of clapping being played from the server on one channel.

(don’t forget to do local audio loopback tests first, both on the audio interface itself and through qjackctl’s connections )