Polar Tide

Polartide  (carillon version) video of 26 Oct 2014 performance, Stanford Tiffany Ng, carilloneur w/ Greg Niemeyer   (installation version) w/ Greg … Read More

Oxygen Flute

This remarkable collaborative installation by Bay Area-based artists Chafe and Niemeyer created an active relationship between SJMA visitors and a … Read More

Brain Stethoscope

Stanford News: Stanford scientists build a ‘brain stethoscope’ to turn seizures into music Science Friday: Listening In on Seizures Discover Magazine: Hearing … Read More

35th Parallel

  Display of data + locales (sites 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) 20 minutes each Directory of sonifications … Read More

Smog Music

    Wired Magazine article and sound  Download/Listen blackcloud.mp3   from the project. A website by the Black Cloud Citizen Scientist League … Read More