Heavy Metal Suite

Collaboration with the Future Minerals Group and Axiom Brass Qunitet The Suite consists of eight movements featuring eight composers, each … Read More

Quarantine Sessions

Quarantine Sessions during COVID-19 [early — the first 31 concerts] Sundays@1pm (Pacific) | Livestream: ccrma.stanford.edu/live (California / Germany / Belgium / Ireland / … Read More


https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~cc/es2020/iceCoreWalk.mp3   https://soundcloud.com/greg-niemeyer-576487374/icecorewalk  

Ensemble Means (quintet)

Ensemble Means is a quintet “mustification” of rising temperature readings.The ensemble plays from observations and makes forecasts. video The Earplay … Read More

Another Time

Another Time (video) 11:00 discussion with Satinder Gill and Chryssie Nanou (video) 33:30 featuring Quarantine Session Performers March, 2020 through July, … Read More

Time Crystal

Time Crystal (released 5-Feb-2021) review (TAKE EFFECT) review (simuc.org) details of my COVID year and how it relates to the … Read More

JackTrip demo reel

Demo Reel (video) (13 min) nine 90 sec. excerpts (2020) Quarantine Session #30 full 1 hour video https://vimeo.com/485000883 Per Anders … Read More

Electronic Instruments

“Electronic Instruments” in The Oxford Handbook of Music Performance: Insights from Education, Psychology, Musicology, Science and Medicine, G. McPherson (ed.) … Read More

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