Telejazz Series

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Jazz Ensembles Formed across the Internet

(Spring 2009)

3 concerts during  Banff Jazz 2009  with increasing distances, recorded live to multitrack

Telejazz I: Banff & Calgary (U. of Calgary)
Telejazz II: Banff & Toronto (Humber C.)
Telejazz III: Banff & worldwide (Belfast SARC, Troy NY RPI & UCSD)

Participants(incomplete notes)
Telejazz ConcertsCalgary, U of Calgary Music Studio / Telus Studio
21-May-09 7pm MDT
Calgary side:
Jeremy Brown (tenor sax)
John Hyde (bass)
John Adams (audio producer, 8×8)
Gabriel F. (audio assistant)
Lawrence Fyfe (network)

Telus side:
Curtis Macdonald (alto sax)
Rafael Karien (tenor sax)
Brian Seligman (guitar)
Rodrigo Parejo (flute)
Jose (viola)
Theresa Leonard (audio producer, 8×8)
Graham (engineering)
Lalo (audio assistant)
Chris Chafe (network)

The set:
Brown (ok’d to record)

20-May musicians 10am
21-May dress 5pm

Toronto, Humber / Telus Studio

28-May-09 7pm MDT
Humber side:
Jon Challoner (trumpet)
Scott McCannell (bass)
Kristjan Bergey (sax)
Paul Morrison (piano)
Chino De Villa (drums)
Steve Bellamy (audio producer, 16×16)

Telus side: (
quintet ??)
Theresa Leonard (audio producer, 16×16)

The set: T

25-May tech
26-May musicians

Belfast, SARC/ Troy, NY, RPI / Stanford, CCRMA / Telus Studio

4-June-09 7pm MDT
SARC side: Justin Yang (sax) (audio producer, 4×12)
RPI side:
Pauline Oliveros (acc)
Jonas Braasch (sax) (audio producer, 4×12)

UCSD side:
Mark Dresser (bass)
Michelle Daniels (audio producer, 4×12)
Joachim Gossman (audio producer, 4×12)

Telus side: Chris Chafe (celletto)
Simon Rose (bari sax)
Dave Douglas (trumpet)
Norm Adams (cello)
John Adams (iphone drone)

Theresa Leonard (audio producers, 4×12)
Steve Bellamy (audio producers, 4×12)

The set:
Chafe, “Chopper†electronics, saxes (ok’d to record) TBD

1-Jun tech
2-Jun musicians

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