Jacktrip loopback server

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I’m testing a new jacktrip “loopback server” that I just started finished coding. The project gathers data on network quality.

We’ll present the data in a talk for the NOWNET ARTS CONFERENCE 2018 being held 19-22 April.

When you connect with the ‘-C’ option ( big ‘C’ ) to the server it will loopback your audio so you can hear yourself bounce off
Stanford, California.


256 buffer / 48kHz / 2 channels


jacktrip -C

(note the big ‘C’ which runs the correct client for this)

if you get
Received Connection from Peer!
then we’re good and I’m measuring your packet delivery to here


Let it run for a couple minutes (then <ctrl>c to quit as usual).

If there are glitches, please make a recording and we’ll compare it to the analysis.

Installation info >> here <<

Mac ok with jacktrip v. 1.1

Linux needs jacktrip.rc.1.2

Windows10 ok with either